Digital Signage & Live Event Platform
Digital Signage & Live Event Platform

Enhance all your events with our cloud based platform.

Smart Solution

Irissa blends creativity and technology to produce a broad service-offering for all aspects of a live event. Our integrated ecosystem is designed to optimize and engage your audience, resulting in a better understanding of your attendees and increasing your ROI.

  • Technology

    We make technology work for you by creating impactful experiences for your attendees. Using innovations in RFID tagging and digital signage, we manipulate technology to optimize and personalize your events.

  • Real-Time

    Every interaction from your audience and our platform is updated in real-time as your event unfolds. Our on-demand tracking capabilities help build your event story to better understand audience behaviour.

  • Experience

    From sign-up to wrap-up, influence all key points of user experience. Our revolutionary digital platforms consistently stimulate and engage your audience at every stage of the process.


We offer a variety of solutions to help you build the most engaging and successful live event.

  • Registration

    Track your audience from point-of-registration to end-of-event with our creative use of various RFID enabled technology and digital signage with computer vision.

  • Mobile Application

    Build personalized event applications, customized to provide up-to-the-minute information to attendees and organizers, offering the perfect onsite assistant.

  • Live Stream

    Take your event global by using our live stream solution. The possibilities are limitless when you can broadcast your entire event globally with our social media broadcasting capabilities.

  • RFID

    Take your event to the next level by enhancing your event with our RFID solutions. With RFID, you can unlock key information about your attendees and engage them like never before.

  • Gamification

    Motivate and accelerate satisfaction with a range of options suited exactly to your event demographics. Contests, points systems and rewards help influence your crowd.

  • Analytics & Reports

    Our tracking technology helps you understand the behaviour of all attendee. We leverage every registration to extract all data and analyse it to improve your future events.