Conquer the world,
one checkbox at a time
Conquer the world, one checkbox at a time
Start planning your destiny. Or just plan your day.
Irissa helps you manage what’s most important to you, whenever or wherever you need it.
You can quickly create checklists by giving them a name and description. Add some items and you are ready to go!
Working on a project with others? Invite friends and colleagues to join you. Give them the power to edit, or read-only access.
No need for annoying email chains, you can keep everyone on the same page by commenting right on your checklist.
Get the features that really matter
We designed Irissa to include all the features we have seen missing from other tools, and more. Not only that, we have included the ones that are usually premium – for free.
All you need is a person’s email to invite them to work on your checklist.
Create an environment of open communication to get the most out of group projects.
Need to know how long a task has taken? We have you covered.
Stay organized, and categorize your lists through a variety of labels.
If you don’t want to share a comment with everyone, leave yourself a personal note.
Life gets hectic, set reminders to keep you on top of deadlines you’d otherwise miss.
Subscribe to notifications, always know when someone has made a comment or completed a task.
Easily add start and end dates to your projects to stay on track.